About Me

Hello,  I’m Oluchi Orji, a software engineer that loves building products that positively affect lives.
I have worked with building and scaling enterprise software products for enterprises across Africa in various sectors from Finance, Construction, and Retail.
I’ve worked in various roles and more recently spend a lot of time as a DevOps engineer creating, managing, and automating infrastructure at scale.

I started this blog for beautiful reasons.

  1. I find Software engineering, engaging, interesting, and would like to use this medium to share my thought process, research, challenges(failures), and big/small wins.
  2. I google a lot of things while working, so I love to use my blog as a reference point to jot it down.
  3. Love to share how software development adds values to different business domain.


On this platform, you will find a-lot of super-helpful content to help you in your Software Engineering career (DevOps & Backend Engineering) no-matter your experience level.

Thanks for stopping by.

Cheers 🚀