Python Series

This series is dedicated to learning everything from the absolute basics of Python to web development and beyond.



  1.  Connecting Django to Multiple Legacy DataBases
  2. Building REST API with Django Rest Framework (DRF)

Part 1 -Django REST Framework Tutorial: Basic CRUD actions

Part 2- Django REST Framework Tutorial: Permissions

Part 3- Django REST Framework Tutorial: User Authentication

Part 4 – Django REST Framework Tutorial: Testing 



Introduction to writing, structuring, and Deploying APIs with Flask



  1.  Decoding Python @classmethod and @staticmethod
  2. Inheritance and Composition: A Python OOP Guide
  3. Python Decorators

Part 1- Introduction to decorators and decorating python functions.

Part 2 – Writing class decorators and decorating class methods.

Part 3 – Decorators that take arguments.